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Featured Chef

Chef Mason Hereford

Turkey and the Wolf

New Orleans, LA 

Mason Hereford of New Orleans, Louisiana first popped up on Duke’s radar when he debuted the best Duke’s tattoo we’ve ever seen: Winnie the Pooh guzzling a jar of Duke’s Mayonnaise in place of his usual jar of honey.

Featured Chef

Chef walter bundy

Shagbark, formerly Lemaire

Richmond, VA 

Duke's is just as at home on the menu of a historic, fine dining restaurant as it is between two slabs of white bread with a tomato. Just ask Walter Bundy, the head chef of Lemaire at The Jefferson Hotel and the newly-opened Shagbark (both in Richmond, Virginia). Herbed Duke's Mayonnaise is essential on Bundy's modern take on the classic BLT.

Featured Chef

Chef sean brock


Charleston, SC 

Chef Sean Brock is known for his commitment to traditional southern cuisine - he's been reviving heirloom produce and uses mostly heritage animal breeds. But Duke's is one of the few store-bought ingredients Brock uses. In his words, "if someone else is doing it better than you can make it, let them do it."

more chefs

Chef Craig Perkinson


Richmond, VA 

Chef Dolester Miles

Highlands Bar & Grill, Bottega, Chez Fonfon

Birmingham, AL

Chef Katie Coss

Husk Nashville

Nashville, TN

Chef Jason Alley

Founding Partner, Alley/Jones Hospitality

Richmond, VA 

Chef Geoff Rhyne

Red Clay Hot Sauce

Charleston, SC