Meet Tubby

Like all jars of Duke's Mayo, Tubby dreamed of one day being spread over sourdough and topped with tomatoes. Or blended into a pimento cheese dip. 

Unfortunately, Tubby was placed at the back of the shelf, where he watched other jars get scooped up in his stead.

But one day, the Almighty Twang! called upon him, bringing Tubby to life with a new purpose: to spread Duke's across the world. So the Twang! befit our jar with sentience, limbs, and an unrequited love for Duke's Mayonnaise. And freakin' crazy eyebrows.

Searching for outlets to profess his Duke's devotion led Tubby to appear at the doorstep of Duke's HQ.

We welcomed him with open arms. And eventually offered him the position of mascot.


Birthdate: Maybe 2022. We don’t know. 

Birthplace: Richmond, VA

Height: 61 Duke’s jars. 

Weight: Not 30 FL OZ 

Education: None that we’re aware of. 

Favorite Food: Duke’s Mayonnaise 

Favorite Things To Do: Tweet about mayonnaise. Flail his arms around. Comb his eyebrows. Stare into the abyss. Yo-yo.