Duke’s Mayonnaise Announces Special Edition 100th Anniversary Jars

Richmond, VA – In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Duke’s Mayonnaise, The C.F. Sauer Company is excited to unveil two special edition 32-ounce jars. The first jar features a classic black and gold label with a special gold callout to Duke’s century-long legacy. It will be available at grocery stores and online at dukesmayo.com. The second 100th anniversary jar – available only online – is a reproduction of Duke’s classic 32-ounce glass jar. 2017 marks the first time in over a decade that Duke’s Mayonnaise is available in glass jars. The labels on the glass jars pay homage to a beloved, Duke’s-slathered southern delicacy: the tomato sandwich. Both special edition jars feature the winning recipe from Duke’s 100th anniversary recipe contest, Lolly’s Alabama White BBQ Sauce submitted by Laura Tolbert.

“Longtime Duke’s fans write to us about all the different ways they repurpose our glass jars after the mayo is gone,” says Erin Hatcher, Marketing Director. “One woman used Duke’s jars as vases for a wedding reception, and fans tell us our jars are the perfect size for storing loose screws or nails. We look forward to seeing how our fans use the keepsake jars throughout 2017.”

About Duke’s

Duke’s Mayonnaise celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2017. Duke’s produces an extensive line of mayonnaise products including Duke’s Real Mayonnaise, Duke’s Light, Duke’s Light with Olive Oil, Duke’s Tartar Sauce, and Duke’s Sandwich Relish. Products are available at grocery stores from Pennsylvania, south to Florida, west to Texas and St. Louis, MO and online at dukesmayo.com. For a list of grocers that carry Duke’s in your area, go to dukesmayo.com/where-to-buy/.