The Ultimate Guide to Sandwich Spreads

There’s a lot of debate over what makes a good sandwich. Is it the bread? Or does the meat (or whatever is standing in for the meat) matter most? We would argue that the answer lies in a third, often overlooked detail: the sandwich spread.

Mayonnaise is a classic to be sure, but the quickest route to a memorable sandwich is a condiment that packs a wallop of flavor and effortlessly unites the bread with its fillings. These are the sandwich spreads that Eater’s staff use to give their home-constructed sandwiches an extra je ne sais quoi. Which isn’t to say that you should skip the mayo (or even the Vegenaise) — as you’ll see, plenty of these spreads shine brightest when they’re combined with that stalwart of sandwich construction. Regardless of their mayo content, all of them testify to the beautiful and unshakable truth that there are as many different sandwich spreads as there are sandwiches.

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