Key Ingredient: Duke's Mayonnaise

With its cult-like following and range of versatility, this regional mayonnaise should be a big part of your everyday summer pantry 

While all mayonnaise can be used across a range of dishes—you’ll find it in dips, dressings, cobblers, and cakes—we’re partial to one that elevates the flavors surrounding it. Whether you like Duke’s Mayonnaise for its creamy texture, tangy bite, or sense of nostalgia, the sauce itself is a masterful partner for summer cooking—especially since it lacks the added sugar others mayos bring to the table. Here, Duke’s is used to baste raw stone fruit before it’s placed on the grill, which protects the fruit’s flesh so that it doesn’t fall apart on the grates, while also giving it a caramelized glaze. A flourish of sharp feta and fresh basil brings out the tang of the spread, too.

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