How Two College Football Fans Became the 2022 Duke’s Mayo Bowl ‘Dumpers’

The brand needed new ‘Mayo Dumpers’ for this bowl game tradition, so it turned to social media to start a nationwide search.

It was the day before New Year's Eve, 2021. South Carolina football head coach Shane Beamer sat in the center of the room and listened as cheers of anticipation grew—but something far from a ball in Times Square was about to be dropped. Two women, donned in shirts that read “I’m just here for the Mayo,” lifted a jug-style cooler (most often seen being used to dump Gatorade over the winning coach’s head games at, you know, normal sporting events) filled with mayonnaise. With one extra push, it was hoisted easily above their shoulders—so easily that it would almost make you think, “Wow, I could probably do that.” But then it started to tip, and the momentum of over 30 pounds of mayonnaise (one gallon weighs about 7.5 pounds, so that’s really an underestimation) brought it down with a bonk, bouncing off Beamer’s Gamecocks ball cap-covered head as the thick, white condiment coated his upper body.

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