Greenville-born Duke’s mayo is the South’s most fiercely loved condiment

To get an idea of how much people love Duke’s mayonnaise, just take a look in an unlikely spot for debating condiments: College Confidential, a website featuring hundreds of discussions about getting into and affording college.

There, you’ll find a thread with 100 comments about the most important debate known to man: which mayonnaise is better, Duke’s and Hellmann’s.

If the answer isn’t already obvious to you — and it should be given that Duke’s was founded right here in Greenville 100 years about by Eugenia Duke — one writer will clear it up for you: “Duke’s was one of those things I couldn’t do without when we transferred to N.J. I had friends stuffing jars in their golf bags when flying up here and was pleasantly surprised when TSA let me bring a jar home with me in my carry-on.”

The love doesn’t stop there.

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Photo by: Greenville Journal