Duke's Mayonnaise Is Getting A Seafood Makeover

Duke's mayonnaise consistently is ranked as some of the best store-bought mayo brands. While the company is most known for its homestyle mayo, Duke's does also offer barbecue sauces celebrating the brand's Southern roots. While a slathering of rich and tangy sauce goes well on a slab of beef, the brand is now embracing another protein, this time by way of the sea.

The brand is launching a new line of sauces consisting of four flavors: Bayou Remoulade, Creamy Chesapeake Cocktail, Gulf Coast Lemon Garlic Aioli, and Tidewater Tartar. The 10-ounce bottles, which are all designed to pair well with seafood, are selling for $4.99 apiece and can be purchased directly from Duke's website or at some retailers, such as Harris Teeter.


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