Devoted Mayonnaise Fans Are Getting Tattoos of Their Favorite Brand

Growing up, Matt Lardie hated mayonnaise. Originally from New England, he didn’t become a fan of the condiment until he moved to North Carolina and started spending more time with his husband’s family.

“My evolution of coming around to enjoying mayonnaise and cooking with it coincided with my move to North Carolina,” he says. “Duke’s is everywhere down here and it became the brand I really loved. It represents the part of the South I’ve come to embrace—the food traditions.”

Soon, he was putting Duke’s Mayo in his chicken salad, spreading it on grilled cheese sandwiches in lieu of butter, and adding it to zippy tahini-ranch dressing. “My husband and I once cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for 18 friends in Croatia and I flew Duke’s in my suitcase so we’d have the proper condiment for leftover sandwiches,” he laughs.

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