Better Homes & Gardens Food Awards: Duke's Carolina Vinegar BBQ wins Best Vinegar-Based Barbecue Sauce

Canned beans, pasta sauces, various spices—we all have our must-haves for the pantry. Since new products are always lining up on grocery shelves, our editors cooked and tested our way through more than 200 products. It was a delicious task, and we determined what deserves a spot in the pantry.

We gathered our food editors and Test Kitchen experts to try out pasta sauces, spices, and meal starters in the BHG testing kitchens. From there, we took products home to see how much we liked them and whether they were worthy of the cost and shelf space. So if you're looking to liven up that vinaigrette for lunch salads or change up weeknight chicken dinners, we've got the best products to give your pantry a modern upgrade.

These are the 2024 BHG Food Awards product categories:

  • Flavor Boosters
  • New Basics
  • Shortcuts
  • Treat Yourself

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