Amy Sedaris Has Strong Words for the Mayo Haters of the World

In addition to her work as an actress, author, and comedian, Amy Sedaris is arguably Hollywood’s most well-known homemaker. Thanks to her kooky, cult-favorite TV show At Home With Amy Sedaris, which aired for three seasons on truTV, audiences have long seen Sedaris make wacky recipes and sew goofy garments. But she’s also quite the sandwich enthusiast, as evidenced by her recent collaboration with deli meats brand Hillshire Farm, in which Sedaris created sandwiches inspired by herself, and some of her most famous friends.

Eater sat down with Sedaris to talk about all things sandwiches, from how to make the perfect sandwich to the strong (and wrong) opinions of mayonnaise haters, along with the hypothetical sandwich preferences of Grogu, her tiny fuzzy co-star in The Mandalorian

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