A Southern flight of fancy for White Lily flour, Duke’s Mayonnaise

It's really interesting how the tables have turned. Back in the day, and I'm talking the 1970s, whenever someone was heading to Colorado and other points west of the Mississippi, we always asked for that person to bring back a six-pack of Coors. At that time, it may be hard to believe, Coors was not being sold anywhere east of the Mississippi River.

So when I say the tables have turned, my daughter texted me before a recent trip to California asking me to bring Duke's mayonnaise and White Lily flour. Apparently, she really did listen to me as a young girl when I told her that if you don't have White Lily, make something else that doesn't require flour until you can go to the store and get some. As far as mayonnaise, there's just something about Duke's that's so much better than any other mayonnaise. That's my opinion anyway.

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