Robert Collins

My family moved from New Jersey to Atlanta in 1962 when I was 7. I soon met Herbie, whose mom made the best sandwiches, and would always trade with Herbie at school because they were soooo good. Alas, Herbie’s family moved and so did that great ‘taste’. Years later and on my own, I thought back to those sandwiches and went on a quest to find that ‘taste’ which I figured had to be the mayonnaise. I grew up in a Hellmann’s house and that wasn’t the taste, neither was any other brand I tried. 10 years ago I married a great southern lady. She made me a sandwich and after taking a bite, I yelled out, “That’s the taste!” Of course it was Duke’s, now the only mayo allowed in the house. It only took 40 years to find that taste. Thank you Duke’s!