Elizabeth Syberg Schmitt

Wow, for me and many in my family, being devout Hellmann’s fans and enjoying bringing out the best for most of my 50 years, this is quite a story to share with you. In early July I challenged Duke’s to send a jar of mayonnaise to me and let my family taste it. We had been watching the commercials for a few months but I couldn’t find it. Not only did Duke’s accept my challenge and send a jar but they also located a local grocery store in my community that does carry Duke’s. We decided to have a taste test during our next family barbeque. On Saturday I made two bowls of potato salad, one with Hellmann’s and one with Duke’s. Labeled “Mayo A” and “Mayo B” I was the only one who knew which was which and I wrote it down as well as used two different bowls to be sure I didn’t flub the test, HA! The same ingredients as well as the same amount of ingredients were used in each one, only the mayonnaise was different. I was as precise as possible and pretty tickled with myself for being so. I tasted each one several times before letting them chill for the next day’s taste test. Right away I knew this was going to be a close. 13 people turned out for the barbeque and potato salad taste test. I thought to myself later, we had a “Baker’s Dozen” and that just added to the uniqueness of our challenge, Duke’s vs. Hellmann’s. I had marked the plates to be sure nobody confused the potato salad they were eating and the votes would be as accurate as possible. We took it very seriously but had an absolute ball enjoying the potato salads and deciding which one we were going to choose. We even filmed the event because based on the outcome I felt this could make a great commercial that could go either way, LoL! Getting a Hellmann’s fan to switch is no easy task, not in Missouri. At the end of meal the voting began. Inside I am excited and laughing but I can’t react to some of the statements made when people were voting. One person said they felt like a traitor, ha!, while others were sure which one was Hellman’s and certain of their vote. I knew they were choosing Duke’s. By the time all the votes were cast I was quite impressed with the time and effort each voter put into their final decision. Well, here we go. drum roll please, HA! When I announced the winner was “Duke’s” by a vote of 12 to 1 the looks on their faces said so much. Many of them were 100 percent certain that they were casting their vote for Hellman’s, stating that Duke’s was good and it was really close but they were sticking with “Mayo B.” From this point on it became hysterical. After a very in depth discussion, some of them actually cleaned their palette, tasted each one again, and still voted for Duke’s, having to admit Duke’s was in fact better than Hellmann’s and that was after they now knew which was which. Even the “1” person that voted for Hellman’s had to admit they would use Duke’s in the future. I know you are very confident that Duke’s is the best but having convinced a group of seriously, “die-hard” Hellmann’s Fans, in our world, it’s nothing short of “monumental!” We applaud you, we truly do! Never, and I mean NEVER, did I ever think ANYTHING out there could exceed the quality of Hellman’s. How terribly disappointing it was for Hellmann’s that day. I sincerely thank Duke’s for accepting my challenge and sending not only the jar of mayonnaise but also coupons and the store information for my next purchase. The challenge was, to say the least, very invigorating, Ha! Though taken seriously we had a lot of fun doing it. Having made believers out of us, going forward there will always be Duke’s mayonnaise in the fridge and one waiting in the cupboard. I shared this with many people I work with and now they are doing the same thing with their families. I expect to hear some results from their challenges very soon. Additionally, my sister, who always made her much loved potato salad with “Miracle Whip,” has not only decided to start using mayonnaise but using Duke’s. That’s a huge win for Duke’s in and of itself. Later in the week, after our barbeque, we tried Duke’s on many other things, from sandwiches to dipping French fries (Belgian style) and it was delicious!!! Duke’s is EVERYTHING you say it is. The smooth creamy texture is a prelude to the amazing flavor. I truly commend you on your big win with my family! I can tell you that I look forward to years of cooking with and enjoying Duke’s mayonnaise and I won’t hesitate to try some of your other products. I could not be more sincere. Thank you so much again and CONGRATULATIONS DUKE’S !!!