Donna Chandler

I recently moved back to my hometown of Greenville, SC from about 5 years in a small town in Nebraska. Yes, Nebraska! I remarried 7 years ago to a man from Nebraska that was living in SC and he asked that we relocate so he could retire in his hometown. I agreed, with the understanding that I could return to SC periodically to visit my grown children, grandchild and friends and to purchase DUKE’S mayonnaise. You see, you can’t get it out there and I WILL NOT use any other mayo in my chicken salad and other salads and sandwiches. So, every time I visited SC, I took back at least 10 jars of DUKE’s mayo. I even ordered the individual packets so I always had it when we ate out. The people out there like that sweet salad dressing on their sandwiches. Yuck!!!! Well we’ve moved back to SC and I have an unlimited supply of DUKE’S and nothing pleases me more!!! Thank you for making me so happy with the best mayo around!!!