Colin McCaffrey

For 29 of my 30 years on planet Earth, I eschewed mayonnaise at all turns. If it came slathered on a burger, I scraped it off. If someone brought cole slaw to a cookout, I took off in a hard run. Just last year, however, I was unknowingly served a sandwich with Duke’s mayonnaise. Since this time, my mayonnaise paradigm has been turned on its ear. Without overstating things, Duke’s mayonnaise is the best condiment I have ever tasted. I have not seen any Duke’s mayonnaise advertising in my area. However, never fear. I have taken it upon myself to become a personal ambassador for your mayonnaise. I first converted my wife (a former Miracle Whip fan) and then baptized a number of friends and co-workers in the silky ribbons of mayonnaisy goodness.

I just thought you should know that you have a fan in Tennessee. Keep up the good work making mayonnaise. I will keep doing my part down here.