Bradley B

I kept noticing that when people posted recipes on Facebook that had mayo in them they would specify to use Duke’s Mayo. I didn’t really think much about it at first but finally I asked someone about it who had posted a recipe. They said to try it and I would never go back to any other brand! I told them I had never seen it in the store and was concerned I wouldn’t be able to find it since I live in Indiana. As soon as I made that comment people from all over the country started posting all of the different places I could get it! Someone even offered to ship me a jar if I couldn’t find it! By this time I’m starting to think “all of this…….over mayo?” Are these people nuts? Or am I missing out on something? Since I have family in Knoxville,TN I am well aware that there are a lot of things you will only find in the south that I wish we had here. I found some at my local grocery store. First I noticed how smooth and creamy it was. Then I had some on a ham sandwich and my life changed forever! I am a little upset that it took me 54 years to discover this product, especially with family in Tennessee! Hopefully they don’t know about it and for once I can introduce them to something wonderful from the south! Back to the ham sandwich, it only took one bite and I knew I was hooked! This stuff is absolutely, positively, hands down, without a doubt the best mayo on the planet!